Welcome to TRU Electronics Company!

We have over 15 years of experience in marketing and selling electronic components and consumer electronics products to corporations, distributors, retailers and directly to consumers. TRU Electronics is specialized in display based electronics including popular products like LCD-TV, Plasma TV, monitors, personal DVD players, MP3, MP4 and digital picture frames.

TRU Electronics creates value for our clients by offering a multitude of services including sales representation, marketing strategies, product positioning and customer development in order to excellerate their business. Our main markets include the large electronics consumer base of the USA and the growth opportunities in South America, Mexico and Latin America. We develop new business for clients who currently do not participate in these markets. Typically, our clients have great products but either no local sales force or are located overseas making it difficult to penetrate into these markets.

We pride ourselves in providing customers with professional, personal service, product knowledge and proactive ideas in marketing to exceed your expectations. To further complement our services, TRU Electronics also offers our clients direct access to our distribution network and new retail channels for your products. In the near future, TRU Electronics will also offer a direct consumer sales via our on-line electronics store.

Let TRU Electronics help you to create exciting new markets for your electronic products, launch new designs and expand your customer base. Achieve the results you deserve!